Education, departments and hospital services of Kocaeli University Faculty of Medicine Hospital are integrated in the same building and are being studied in a complex with a closed area of 103.000 m2. Kocaeli University Research and Application Hospital has 738 beds and serves in a modern building with high technology. The Faculty of Medicine has a wide facility structure with 1635 m2, classrooms, 660 m2 laboratory facilities and all the lectures, amphitheater, small group study rooms, multidisciplinary student training laboratories, student cafeteria, rest and free working areas..

Asset Management Success Story


Kocaeli University Faculty Of Medicine Hospital has thousands of pieces equipment to be regularly that need to be maintained by the
maintenance staff on a regular basis. In Universityโ€™s earlier years at faculty of medicine hospital, the maintenance department used a
software program developed in-house to track hospitalโ€™s assets, issue work orders, and schedule maintenance. As the number of pieces of equipment and assets grew, University of Kocaeli began exploring Bimser Enterprise Asset Management (BEAM).


With close to 103.000 m2 of building space to maintain, Department of IT manager Ms. Nafiye Asiliskender knew she needed an even more robust system capable of processing thousands of pieces of equipment and inventory items. Those assets included air handling units, pumps,ย doors, boilers, generators, rooms, classrooms, biomedical equipments and IT assets. They needed a system that included a variety of reports, and generated those reports quickly. After reviewing many systems online, IT department discovered BEAM. Bimser recommended onsite training for two reasons. First and foremost to teach Ms. Asliiskender and her staff how to use BEAM. Second, it gave Bimser an opportunity to review and understand hospitalโ€™s maintenance processes so as to customize training to show hospital how to make their processes more efficient with BEAM. Onsite training taught Ms. Asiliskender and her team everything they needed to know about entering vendor, customer, inventory, equipment, and employee records; attaching tasks, causes, and labor crafts; assigning cost centers; entering departments; preventive maintenance records; and scheduling PMs. They learned the proper way to number assets, inventory and work orders, and how to set up permissions for everyone in the maintenance department. They also learned how to print reports, and how to best use their new Work Request and Work Order module. Implementation of BEAM took some time, as there were over thousands of pieces equipment/assets and inventories. But it went smoothly and with the help of Bimser Support Staff, University of Kocaeli was ready for action in a short time..

Time to Implement

3 months


Kocaeli University Faculty of Medicine Hospital issues some 70-80 work orders per day, and has realized many benefits to using the new software. With BEAM, monitoring of labor efficiencies is now possible. Before, work orders were not always completed on time. Now, Hospital is able to monitor and adjust staffing levels based on the number of work orders. The multiple warehouse feature of BEAM has enabled Hospital to maintain the inventory of a central supply department, as well as multiple satellite storage areas. Overall, Hospital staff are happy with the functionality and speed of the BEAM software, as well as the support that he receives from Bimser on an on-going basis.