Simfer is one of the top 500 industrial corporations in Turkey. The Company made substantial investments in plant and equipment, research and development and in developing its own patented products. Simfer’s primary goal was to achieve high quality products and it soon became acknowledged as a benchmark both domestically and abroad. Simfer offers high quality cooking & baking products, refrigerators, freezers,Β  coolers, heaters, commercial cooling appliances that are suitable for the different areas of use that can be found around the World.

Service Management Success Story


As current software solution is not able to run on web and has no mobile capability, Simfer starts looking for a software solution for service after sales operations. Below are major challenges of Simfer:

  1. Consolidating all customer calls, complaints and requests that are coming from varies communication channels into one pool.
  2. Assigning work orders to more than 250 authorized service centers based on their workforce, skillsets and routes. Tracking work orders and closing work orders on a mobile device. Having reports on all of these activities.
  3. Calculating payments for each service center automatically.


By utilizing, all the functions of BEAM enterprise asset, spare part/material and maintenance management system; Sales After Service Module is developed to help Simfer resolve its challenges.

  1. All the products that Simfer produces are transferred on to BEAM,
  2. Customer Cards are created. All related customer assets and calls are linked to BEAM for managing, monitoring and tracking,
  3. Through BEAM, Monitoring consolidated spare part inventory at warehouse locations nationwide to help keep optimum level of inventory and increase spare part sales of Simfer.

Time to Implement

6 months


  1. Entire operations on customer service call center and authorized service center processes have been digitized,
  2. Saving time on service planning and failure repairment process have been achieved thanks to digitilization and consolidation,
  3. Automatizing payment calculations for authorized service centers and having advanced reporting have been realized,
  4. Thanks to this digitization efforts with BEAM, Simfer has become number one on the list of best customer service performing companies nationwide