The Bursa manufacturing plant of Renault is the largest Renault factory outside of Western Europe. With close to 6,000 employees they produce 350,000 vehicles per year as well as 450,000 gearbox and engine units. Renault runs SAP as their ERP and implemented eBA in 2007 for workflow and archiving functions.

PTO request


Requesting time off or vacation was a manual- based business process that required involving more than one person, and was taken too much time to approve and update the companyโ€™s HR application.


A simple HR leave request form was developed in eBA Studio along with an approvals workflow and pull & push of data to and from the HR application.

Time to Implement

< 40 hours


Faster leave request approvals, improved user experience and elimination of manual HR data upload.

eBA has given us time back in our busy daily schedules. On average, our employees are saving 10 minutes on processes requiring approvals

Ahmet Bilgioglu โ€“ IT Manager