Pure Health is a healthcare services and information technology company dedicated to empowering healthcare and making the business of healthcare run better. It partners with payers, hospitals, integrated healthcare systems, healthcare suppliers, the federal government and others across the spectrum of care to build healthier organizations that deliver better care to patients in every setting.

The company also supports the growing diagnostic industry by supplying medical products to clinical laboratories and operates the nation’s largest network of laboratories.

Pure Health helps its customers improve their financial, operational and clinical performance with solutions that include supply chain management, healthcare information technology, and clinical services, through customized solutions. its composite technologies. Laboratory operations, medical record management, hospital information system management, population health management, medical device distribution, medical device maintenance and management are some of the operations of Pure Health.

QDMS: Quality, Risk and Compliance Management Software Deployment at a Healthcare Organization


Compliance was (and still is) in the core of Pure Health business model. Managing quality and compliance related documentation at different locations of laboratories was a challenge with no structured electronic system. Keeping test results securely, sharing them with only related parties and retrieving them became a difficult task to perform. Under strict healthcare sector regulations, keeping documentation in a structured and secure way was critical. Also in the case of any nonconformity, managing and documenting CAPA activities and audit tasks were taking a long time to complete and report.


QDMS: Quality, Risk and Compliance Management Software was deployed to address complex operations on compliance and daily tasks. The software is webbased and is accessible anywhere as long as there is internet connection and a regular interner browser. QDMS solution provides a very flexible environment that can be further configured as needed to support the changing regulatory environment. Quality document management, customer complaint, CAPA, action management, performance management and audit management modules are currently operational.

Time to Implement

About 1,5 months once all data/requirements have been received


  1. Increased efficiency in quality business operations
  2. Ability to accurately capture quality assurance data across all areas
  3. Provide an audit trail of quality assurance, compliance transactions and quality documents to increase accountability and effectiveness of staff
  4. Passing annual regulatory inspections became much easier.