Ayaydin Miroglio group is a midsize European Fashion Retailer with several popular European fashion brands, including Twist, Macka and Ipekyol.

eCommerce out-of-stocks


The organization has been busy adopting an Omni-channel strategy and technology is a key enabler of this strategy. The organization was looking for a way to better fulfill customer needs by utilizing different channels and their corresponding dedicated inventories, as well as by changing inventory threshold levels dynamically based on selling seasons. Specifically, it was looking for the ability to fulfill an online out-of-stock garment with on-hand store inventory.


A solution based on eBA Worflow Management was implemented triggering a fully automated workflow process when dedicated ecommerce inventory for a specific garment request online is out-of-stock. This process enables eBA to check store-based inventory in real-time and send a fulfillment request to a group of stores carrying the out- of-stock e-commerce garment in their inventory. The first store to respond and accept the inventory request triggers an order creation and related invoice process in ERP while simultaneously triggering a UPS shipping integration process that auto-fills and prints a shipping label at the store.

Time to Implement

40-160 hours


Customer experience and sales was positively impacted as a result of the reduction of abandoned shopping carts online due to out-of-stock e-commerce inventory. Stores were able to move inventory of slow-moving items with the addition of e-commerce triggered orders.

eBA is the joker card in our IT systems landscape. Whenever there are business requirements that our ERP cannot fulfill, we turn to eBA because of its ease of use and development

Sevket S Celikkanat โ€“ CIO

Ayaydin Miroglio Group