Acun Media is a media and production company founded in 2005 that has grown rapidly and today owns various TV and internet channels including TV8 which is the most watched TV channel in Turkey. Acun produces some of Turkeyโ€™s most popular reality tv shows including Survivor and Fear Factory.

Spend management


With about 10 different production projects happening simultaneously in various different (global) locations at any given time it was almost impossible for Acun to centrally manage spend approvals and to control actual versus budgeted cost. Staff is always in the field or travelling, so approvals were done manual or not at all. This resulted in limited visibility into project costs and reduced profitability.


Acun used eBA workflow to create very simple to use and understand web forms for any spend requests company-wide, whether you are the producer and need to hire local extraโ€™s during a taping in Argentina, or you work in the kitchen during a Survivor production shoot in the Dominican Republic and need to purchase bananas. Document management is used to centralize these forms along with their respective flow processes. Auto data integration was established between eBA and Acunโ€™s ERP system, Logo.

Time to Implement

> 160 hours


The ROI on eBA has surpassed Acunโ€™s wildest expectations. The company estimates about $7.5M annual savings, or 15% of annual production costs. And after initial resistance from Acun staff to use the new system they have now fully embraced the platform and requests for other process automations through eBA have spiked.

eBA is the most important system in our IT landscape. We estimate eBA saves us upwards of $7M yearly by allowing us to better track and control our expenses

Elif Tuncer, Systems Manager

Acun Media